Nail Gels: Here’s All You Need to Know

by Sofia

For many years now, ongle gel has been one of the things that have shaped modern beauty practices. It is so because nail gels are simply glossy, they are indestructible, and they can be found in basically every beauty salon you go to. Another thing that makes nail gels stand out is that your polish can not chip off for a very long time (sometimes weeks).

According to one Educator, nail gels are made up of very strong chemicals that help the nail withstand wear and tear without the polish chipping. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about keeping your nails neat and making sure that your nail polish lasts.

How to Make Nail Gels to Last Longer?

1. Remember to let your nails breath

No matter the type of polish or gel you use on your fingers, you stand the risk of weakening your natural nails. A constant manicure can cause dehydration and can also thin the nail plates. One doctor admits to having seen several patients with nails that have been discolored, peeling, breaking, and are even painful.

To avoid this, try not to go to frequent gel appointments so that you can prevent any permanent damage to the skin. This will allow your nail to rehydrate and repair itself.

2. Take note of the ingredients on the nail gel

As much as your nail health is important, your total body health is also important. Many nail gels are made with toxic carcinogens which can cause long-lasting damage to those who use such nail polishes. Some of these toxic carcinogens include toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde.

In high doses, these carcinogens can cause long-lasting damage to the liver and the thyroid. They can also cause inflammation, as well as other adverse effects.

3. Limit your exposure to the UV lamp

One recent study suggests that people who are highly sensitive to UV light are at a higher risk of dealing with the adverse effects of this gel. Long exposure to UV light can eventually cause skin damage.

Another thing for concern is the fact that LED nail lamps are becoming quite popular today. It is believed that these lamps are faster than UV lamps and are much safer.

This is wrong as most LED nail gels operate at a much higher wavelength in other to shorten the curing time. To be on the safer side, you can decide to use sunscreen that can protect you from the harmful radiation on your nails.

4. Avoid Hot Baths and Showers

The worse thing that can happen to your nail gel is when it gets in contact with hot water. This is why one of the most effective ways of getting them off is by soaking them in hot water. To prevent lifting of your nail gels, try to avoid things like showers and long baths. If you must do the dishes, you can use a rubber glove to protect your hands.


There are lots of things that we can do to improve the health of our nails. So, make it happen.

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