WowGoBoard: Pioneering Innovation in Electric Skateboarding

by Sofia

The physical effort that goes into the conventional skateboard while riding over it is substantial. This is what makes it unsuitable for everyone. The reason behind this riding with these boards requires foot force to start or stop the board functioning.

When you are at a higher speed, the risk exists that you can face an injury or accident. To avoid these circumstances, the only solution will be the electric skateboard. The electric skateboards are a true reflection of innovative and advanced technology.

This wowgoboard will never let you down and help you enjoy a personalised ride that suits your needs and desires. This article will uncover the key insights on electric skateboards, and the benefits you can harness using these boards. Sounds exciting? Just stick to this article to find out!

Electric Skateboard: Wowgoboard Overview

The wowgoboard refers to the pioneer manufacturer of the innovative electric skateboards. The reason behind its pioneering is the qualitative components and materials. Not only this state-of-the-art manufacturing and world-class design also play a crucial role. The battery, motor, and digital remote contribute to the efficiency and performance of these electric skateboards.

The motor offers the driving force to the skateboard wheel with the help of the power transfer belt. The battery supplies the electricity to the motor to perform the required operation. With just a handy device, which refers to the remote, you can control all these functions on the go.

What Makes Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard A Top Tier Choice?

Apart from the quality and features, a number of things are responsible for this. Get a highlight on the key things!

High Powered Dual Motors

The electric skateboard comes with embedded two motors. Each motor supplies a total power of 700W. This makes up the power to a total of 1400 W. This power is responsible for catering for the higher torque and top speed in your electric skateboard. You don’t need to worry if you want to ride in the sloppy or hilly region. Higher power is super responsive and does not lead to lagging or interruption while riding.

Smart App Integration

The electric skateboard you will choose comes with a mobile app that you can use to enjoy complete control over your electric skateboard ride. You can get the app from the Google Play or Apple Store. This app allows you to set or track the riding routes. You can stay aware of the speed and acceleration. This is a perfect alternative to the remote in case you don’t want to use the remote control. You can tweak the board speed right through the app.

Excellent Maneuverability

When it comes to manoeuvrability, you cannot ignore the function of the electric skateboard. The concave shape adds up to the grip and control. On the other hand, bushing plays a great role in holding the wheels of the electric skateboard together while turning. This will assist you in a convenient and super easy riding experience. You will not going to slip or fall from your electric skateboard.

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