An Overview Guide on UWELL Vape Tanks

by Sofia

The vaping industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in existence. As more people discover the advancements in technology when it comes to smoking, vaping has become a preferred option among many. It is a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional smoking. As a result, several vaping product companies have come up, like UWELL, which is a leading brand for vape wholesale. One of the best products is UWELL vape tanks, which come in different types. Some of them include the Crown V tank, Valyrian III tank, and the Valyrian II pro tank.

What do you need to know about UWELL vape tanks?

As fast-growing as the vaping industry is, many people still know little about top vaping products. Vape tanks are among the most popular and standard vaping equipment. In fact, the majority of vapers have multiple vape tanks for convenience. Below are some basic things you should know about vape tanks.

What is a vape tank?

Vape tanks are part of an advanced personal vaporizer that holds e-juice or e-liquid until it is ready for vaporization. The tank is usually attached to a power delivery device. It is worth noting that not all vape tanks are equal. Some are more advanced than others. They also come in varying sizes, materials, and designs. Thanks to this variation, vape enthusiasts can take their time to study each vape tank and buy their best fit. With a vape tank that you link, vaping becomes quite enjoyable.

The components of a vape tank

It comprises an outer tube, base or top cap, center tube, o-rings, drip tips, and coil. The outer tube, usually made of Pyrex glass, contains the liquid between the top and bottom caps, which are sealed with o-rings. The glass allows you to see the liquid and monitor how low it falls. The caps are metal pieces that screw the mod together. The center tube is the extension through which the vapor flows. It prevents the e-juice from entering the mouthpiece (drip tip). Finally, the coil is a complex part with several components. These are just the basics of the general vape tanks. As technology advances, vape tanks are adding more features to enhance functionality.

How does a vape tank work?

The functioning of vape tanks is quite simple. First, you load the tank with vape juice, also known as e-juice. Then, the liquid stays in the tank until you power the device. When the power is on, the atomizer in the coil heats the juice and transforms it to vapor. Finally, you can inhale the vapor. While many vape tank designs exist, they all work similarly.

Are the vape tanks the same as atomizers?

Many use the terms “vape tank” and “atomizer” interchangeably. While they are linked, they are not the same. An atomizer contains the heating element attached to the tank. Therefore, it is a part of the tank.


UWELL stocks are a wide range of vape tank designs. From standard tanks with a single setting to complex UWELL vape tanks with various settings. The company designs all its products with value and quality in mind.

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