How to Clean A Window with A Pressure Washer

by Sofia

Cleaning your window with a pressure washer should not be something you should be scared of. All you need to do is pick up that pressure washer you have in the house without fear and wash the windows so that you can begin other chores!  It hastens the washing process so you can get other things done. If you use the power washer and it damages some of your equipment at home and sometimes breaks the window glass, you might just be misusing the washer, which is why it is essential to take safety precautions before you begin washing. This article will show the appropriate steps to be taken before you use the pressure wash and after.

Round check

Before you start washing, you must thoroughly check things that you do not want to get wet and cover-up. It could be your electronic devices, furniture or rugs. You will need to cover up all devices, remove sharp objects, and move furniture to a safe place.  

Tightly close your window

Close your window firmly before you start pressure washing. It is advisable also to check your window if it has any crack or an issue and repair it immediately. Pressure washing your window that has a problem will lead to more damage.

Use a pressure cleaner

Many pressure washers have different kinds of window cleaners. Read your instruction manual carefully to know the type of cleaner to use.  If the pressure water did not specify the type of cleaner to be used, pure water into it and mix with your regular washing detergent.

Set your pressure washer to the lowest

Do not be in a hurry to set the pressure washer on the highest level or medium. Using the low-pressure level is advisable when washing your window to avoid any damage.

Attach the nozzle

Before you begin, you are to attach the widest nozzle, which is known as the 40-degree nozzle, to the end of the pressure washer hose. If it is your first time using the pressure washer, you should try using it on concrete before using it on your glass window. It is hazardous to use a ladder while using your pressure washer if you have multiple-story buildings. Instead, use a turbo nozzle to help take the water in a spiral.

Put on your eye goggles

When using the pressure washer, you are not to use it with your eyes wide open but with a transparent goggle. It helps you to protect your eyes from any damage. A pressure washer is a powerful tool, and you need to be careful when using it.

Wear close-toed shoes

just as you are advised to wear an eye goggle to protect your eyes, you must also wear a closed-toe shoe to prevent the spray from getting close to your feet.

Do not stand close to the window to spray

Many times, people complain that their windows got damaged immediately after they started spraying. It is important to note that you are not expected to stand very close to the window before starting. Stand at least 3- 5ft away from your window before washing. Also, stand offside to spray and not directly.

Rinse with plain water

This is the last step after washing. Refill the pressure washer with plain water after emptying the water tank to rinse the window. If you are not comfortable with streaks and hard water spots on your window, you are advised to use a squeegee and microfiber cloth to wipe the window before the window dries off.

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