Best Ways to Rock a Gold Chain

by Sofia

Have you ever been in a position where you feel your outfit is missing something yet you don’t know what that is? The solution is simple, just add a piece of gold chain and you will be good to go.

You can wear Gold Kette mit bild on the pendant or you can wear them alone. Whichever way you choose to wear it, for sure it would make a beautiful impact on your dressing.

Different Ways to Style Different Gold Chain

If you are eager to try out something new, below are some options for you.

1. Real Gold Chains

A real gold chain can be used in combination with any color. It can be used for almost every occasion as well. You can dress up in a plain T-shirt with a single gold chain.

If you don’t like being too simple, you can layer two or more single chains together and achieve a complex look. In winter, you can complement the outfit with a trench coat.

2. Layered Chain

This consists of different chains of different lengths and shades layering over each other. There are different shades of gold chain and you can creatively combine a number of them.

Layered chains are used to complement a traditional suit. You can either get one that rests on your collarbone or you get a longer one that rests on your chest. However no specific rule applies, just have fun while you rock.

3. Slim Gold Chains

This is the perfect way to wear a gold accessory without going overboard. It is light with fine finishing. It can be worn with a polo shirt, a trench coat, or printed knitwear.

If you want this outfit to look even better, go for the short ones that will hang around your collarbone. This tiny piece suggests classy and fashionable. It is delicate and suitable for casual and formal occasions.

4. Chain with pendant

This becomes necessary when you want to show off a locket or a nice piece of pendant. The pendant could be large or small but remember that the size of a pendant should determine the size and length of the necklace.

If you want to be loud with your outfit, a medallion with a popular logo or your name on it wouldn’t be a bad idea. A miniature lock and a key can also serve as a pendant.

5. Chunky Gold Chains

To make a simple accessory using a chunky gold chain, add the latest spin to it. This simple combination has a smooth way of dressing an outfit up or down.

You can rock them with a scarf, a turtleneck, or even a T-shirt, plain or printed. The good thing about chunky gold chains is that they allow you to freestyle and remain creative.


Wearing a Gold chain is an easy way to add sophistication to your attire. But if you are really serious about achieving this look, then you must do it right. You could go for the long ones or the shorter ones, it all depends on what you fancy.

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