A Simple Guide For Wig Closures

by Sofia

Over recent years, wigs and extensions have become very popular among women across the globe. Women with short natural hair, those looking to protect their natural hair, and some who want to explore different characters wear weaves, extensions, and wigs. The increased popularity of these hair trends has resulted in the development of new installations and techniques to enhance the wearer’s experience. For this reason, wigs with closure have become a trend. In this post, we look at some types of wig closures.

What is a wig closure?

A closure is the base of a human hair wig. It is the part of the wig on which the hair bundles are sewed. A wig closure makes it possible to braid the wig part or hair part you would typically leave to cover your tracks.

Types of closures

The various types of closures can be categorized based on a variety of elements, including the material.

a. Types of closure based on material

In this category, there are two types of closures;

  • Lace– lace closures are made up of individual strands wefted on a lace material. This type of wig closure is usually less expensive than its counterparts. The nature of the lace material also makes it easy to install. Lace closures are also popular because they lay flatter to the scalp. However, most people who wear wigs with these closures have to dye and bleach them as they have a synthetic look.
  • Silk closures– these closures are made using silk material. The silk usually resembles human skin closely. This means that they do not have to be bleached like their counterparts. They are more realistic-looking. Silk closures are also known to last longer than their counterpart. However, they are harder to install and often more costly because of their incredible qualities.

b. Types of closures based on their design

Here, the wig closures are categorized based on the type of design. Here, there are:

  • Frontal closures– these closures are designed for the ear to ear coverage. This means that they closely resemble the natural hairline. Wigs with frontal closures are ideal for people looking to conceal their receding hairline or hair loss. A lot of women also wear frontal wig closures to protect their natural edges.
  • 360 closures– these closures are constructed with a headband that encircles the entire head. Wigs with this type of closure are preferred by people looking for flexibility. This is because they allow you to style the wig as you want. These closures are specifically beneficial because you can wear the wigs in a ponytail, which is not the case with frontal closures. This added benefit makes it more costly than its counterparts.

Final word

The market is packed with a wide range of wigs. When choosing the best type of wig, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of closure. The kind of closure you choose will determine how you wear the wig, how it will look, and the styling options. Of all the types mentioned above, 360 closure wigs are the best and most expensive option.

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