Applications Of Blotting Paper In Areas Other Than Cosmetics

by Sofia

Blotting paper is an essential makeup accessory that anyone who wears makeup would benefit from. Most people assume that blotting sheets are only beneficial to people with oily skin. However, anyone can use blotting sheets, especially people who use creamy makeup products like foundation. Men can also use blotting paper on humid and hot days. Click this link to read more on the blotting sheets.

Other applications of blotting paper

The most common application of blotting sheets is in the cosmetic industry. In cosmetics, blotting sheets eliminate unwanted shine and oil from the skin without removing makeup. Blotting sheets can also be used for removing makeup and clearing makeup smudges. Besides cosmetic applications, blotting sheets are applied in other industries. Below are some of these industries;

1. Art and writing

In the art sector, blotting sheets absorb water and pigments. Here, the sheets are known as water color paper. The blotting sheets used in the art are usually subtle and thicker. The sheets are also used as drawing paper. On the other hand, blotting sheets are also used in writing. Here, they are commonly used with dip or fountain pens. The absorbent paper is applied to remove excess ink from writings. When used this way, the writing appears to reverse on the blotting sheet’s surface. This phenomenon has been applied in several detective instances, including detective films and stories.

2. Chemical analysis

This absorbent material is also used as a stationary phase in chemical analyses’ thin-layer chromatography. Below are examples of how blotting sheets can be applied in chemical analysis;

  • Measuring PH balance in pools and spas as part of maintenance, especially in public facilities
  • Blotting sheets are attached to litmus strips and combined with PH sensitive compounds to use in various scientific applications
  • They are used to enable diffusion properties
  • The sheets are also used in chemical experiments or biological experiments to remove excess liquids from a slide before microscopic viewing

What makes cosmetic blotting paper different?

While these absorbent materials can be applied in various industries, cosmetic blotting sheets have unique qualities. Some of these qualities include;

  • Cosmetic blotting sheets are typically extremely thin. This allows them to be packaged in small and portable packets that are easy to carry around.
  • Their thin size allows you to use them on your face while leaving all your makeup products intact.
  • They are made from materials that specifically absorb oils without disintegrating. This prevents pieces of the paper from sticking to your face when applying it.
  • Some are combined with added ingredients like fragrances or essential oils. They also contain powder to create a mattifying effect when used on the face. These added features may differ depending on the brand.


When choosing the best cosmetic blotting sheets to purchase, it would be wise to go for sustainable or natural options. These blotting papers are typically made from sustainable materials that do not harm the environment. These materials are safer to apply to your face. They are also cheaper to acquire. Common materials for sustainable blotting sheets are bamboo, flaxseed, and abaca fibers.

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