Amazing Hair Extension Hack You Didn’t Know About

by Sofia

Hair extensions can do it all. There are several reasons why you should consider buying a hair extension. Hair extensions can help you get longer hair locks, they can give your hair more volume, ad they can be styled to try out new hairstyles. There are so many extension cheveux hacks that everyone needs to know. By the end of this article, you should be able to get a few pointers.

Top Hair Extension Hacks

A Hair Extension Hanger Can Make Styling Easier

Styling your hair extension is easier when they’re not clipped in yet. Because once your hair extension is clipped in, it can’t be pulled out of place. So, make sure to style your hair before getting it clipped. If you want to get the best out of styling your hair, make use of a hair extension hanger to put the hair in place. Then you can even use both hands to style the hair extensioAn to your desire.

Before Applying Extensions, Tease Your Natural Hair

Before you apply your styled hair extension, you might want to tease your natural hair first. This makes your hair last longer. This particular hack is helpful, especially for ladies who have thin hair. To get this done, divide your natural hair into different sections and gently tease the root of each of the sections. Teasing your hair improves its texture and this ultimately improves the hold your natural hair has on the hair extension.

Backcomb Your Natural Hair to Prevent Slipping of Your Extension

This useful hack is most effective for ladies who have fine hairs and want their hair extensions to stay in place instead of slipping. To do this, separate your natural hair into different sections and use a brush to gently backcomb the roots of each section. Subsequently, you can apply a little bit of dry shampoo to that area. Like this hack above, the improved texture of your natural hair after backcombing makes it difficult for your hair extensions to fall off.

Store Your Hair Extension Correctly

The way you store your hair extensions greatly affects how they look and for how long they will last. So, when you do your hair extensions the proper way, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your extensions, especially when you travel often. If you are the traveling type, get an airtight container that can prevent any form of impurities from getting into your hair. Roll the weft, and keep it in place with a hair clip before storing it in the airtight storage container.

Use a Bottom Braid to Hide Shorter Hairs

When you get a new hair extension, you’ll want your extension to blend well with your natural hair. However, in cases where ladies have shorter hairs, the hairs may begin to peek through the extension and this can make it obvious that your extension isn’t natural. To prevent this from happening, braid your hair from the bottom up. Next, secure the braids with bobby pins. You can then place your weft above the bobby pins and clip your extensions thereafter.

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