5 reasons you should buy a bath this weekend

by Sofia
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The next time you need to get clean from a day of hard work, how about you skip that shower in favor of a bath. Some people argue that a bath won’t get them as clean as a shower. Others simply convince themselves that they don’t have time for a bath. But regardless of your reasons I have a secret to share with you that none of the bath lovers will tell you because they are too busy soaking. A bath might be better for you in more ways than you think. I’m going to share 5 reasons why a bath is better than a shower and maybe after I do you’ll finally go get that bath for your bathroom.

  • According to dermatologists taking baths can help reduce aging. Talk about the fountain of youth! Taking a bath also helps reduce adult acne. How is this possible? Well, taking a bath helps reduce cortisol; a stress hormone that can lead to an increase in adult acne and can hasten the aging process. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to moisturize after the bath to ensure you get the full benefits.
  • Taking baths can help relieve sore muscles. To help sore or tired muscles recover, heat is usually a vital tool. Taking a hot bath helps you regulate and also evenly distribute the application of the heat to your body muscles. Bath additives such as Epsom salts can also be used for an increased healing effect.
  • Baths can be just as clean as showers! A common misconception that people have is that a bath won’t get you as clean as a shower. But this isn’t the case. Unless you’ve been involved in some strenuous activity that causes you to sweat a lot (or you work in a mine), a bath will do just as good a job cleaning you up as a shower. In fact, allowing time for your body to soak will help the water and the bath soap to break down dirt and also open up your pores.
  • Baths could help you lower your blood sugar levels. In case your doctor has advised that you watch your sugar levels, taking a bath could be a good option for you. Research conducted by scientists in the UK suggests that taking a hot bath could help lower your blood sugar levels. Of course, taking hot baths should never replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, but you would do well to try this out for yourself.
  • Baths are great stress relievers. I mean, need I say more? Taking a bath tends to get you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Taking a warm bath helps increase blood circulation, calm your nerves and this also releases endorphins that will help you feel better and help relieve stress built up during the day. Add scented candles and essential oils and get lost in the sensations of the experience.

Bonus point; Baths are good for your skin: I think this one is pretty obvious at this point. Take a bath with some useful additives and moisturize after and your skin will visibly thank you.

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