How to Choose Boxes for Your Home Move

by Sofia

When you plan to move your home, the first thing that comes to mind is finding the best moveable box. If you fall into this category, you are not alone. 

Paper was invented several centuries by the Chinese and they have more use today than writing. A cardboard reusable box (know more) can be used for packaging products that will be shipped across continents. Beyond this, they can be used as packaging moving boxes too.

Choosing the best moving box

There are several types of cardboard boxes. The differences lie in the size of the boxes, the thickness of the cardboard, and the design. When you are moving houses, you are really not bothered about the design of the box.

What bothers you is how sturdy the box is and what it can carry. If you choose the wrong cardboard reusable box, you will definitely have a terrible time moving. Some of your possessions will end up being damaged in transit.

In seeking the best moveable box, you need packaging moving boxes that are efficient enough to carry your possessions. You can find boxes in several places, from factories to shops and homes of loved ones. You can also order for boxes online but the question is which of these boxes is best for you?

Here are a few factors you should consider in choosing the best moving box.

New or Used boxes

There is always the question which to pick for moving your home, new or used boxes? We are not trying to condemn any, we just want to place the facts before you. With these, you can weigh the options and make your choice.

It is cheaper to get used boxes, in fact, in some cases, you will get them for free. This is great news until you begin to take into consideration certain factors about used boxes. 

Are they strong enough to hold your possessions? Do the sizes match those of your possessions? When it comes to strength, the fact that the box is used means the strength distribution is not uniform. It is very likely that some parts of the box, especially the seams, are no longer strong enough. 

This is as a result of carrying weights over distances, an infestation of fleas and bedbugs, etc. The boxes are also likely to deteriorate from being stored for long periods. Water and sunlight are also factors that can reduce the strength of these used boxes.

On the other hand, new boxes are strong and you can decide on the sizes you want. The only problem is that you will be spending some money. You can order specifically for home moving boxes. New boxes are sturdy while used boxes are cheap.

You can mix both, using the new boxes to convey the heavier more sensitive items and the used boxes for others. This is the perfect balance when considering the best moveable box.


Thin or thick

This factor relates specifically to the strength of your cardboard reusable box. The thicker the cardboard is, the stronger the box will be to move your properties. It is advised that you look for packaging moving boxes that are thick to offer your properties optimal protection.

For very fragile items, it is best to make use of 3-layer boxes also known as 3-ply boxes. If the items do not require so much protection, you can make use of 2-ply or 2-layer boxes. 

There is another benefit thicker boxes offer you. Remember that you will be stacking these boxes on each other in a moving van. If the boxes are thick, they will stack better in the van. 

What this implies is that the risk of one item crushing the other in transit is almost eliminated. Thicker boxes are costlier in general but they are worth the money spent in the long run.

Size is important

When you surf the internet for moving boxes, you will be shocked at the wide range of sizes available. It seems there is a size for every item you want to move. If you make a mistake with the size of your boxes it could be disastrous for your properties.

The idea when it comes to size is that the boxes should not be too big or too small. They should fit the items perfectly with little room for movement within the box. Check out the standard sizes for different items below:

Small boxes: 457mm x 330mm x 330mm – this is for heavier items like books.

Medium boxes: 457mm x 457mm x 499mm – these are perfect for most of your items.

Large boxes: 445mm x 445mm x 744mm – these suffice for pillows, cushions, and duvets.

As you will expect, there are custom sizes for certain items such as TV sets, wardrobes, mirrors, and artwork. The reason for this is that these items need special packaging moving boxes to keep them safe.

To find the best moveable box with respect to size, it is best to ask questions online or from a moving company. There are also boxes that come with demarcations for items like crockery, glasses, and wine bottles.


What is the standard weight a moving box should carry?

When considering the use of a cardboard reusable box to move, you must always consider weights. If you put in weight beyond the capacity of the box, it will give way, even if it is not immediately. This will put the items inside at risk of damage.

There is a prescribed weight for each box, if you read through the details on the box you will find it. Generally, a moving box shouldn’t weight above 20 kg. Be sure to speak with your moving company to sort this out before your moving date arrives.

You should also consider the tape you will use in holding the boxes. Having the strongest boxes and holding them with bad tape is useless. Before long your precious property will be littered all over the place.


A cardboard reusable box can be the best moveable box if you make your choice base on the factors above. What other factors do you think one should consider in choosing packaging moving boxes? Share them with Zigpac in the comments section.

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