What are the main types of smoking?

by Sofia

Smoking is a practice that involves the burning of a substance and inhalation of the smoke that results. Smoking aims to taste the substance and have it absorbed into your bloodstream. The most common substances for smoking are dried leaves of the tobacco plant. This substance is rolled inside a rive paper, which creates a round cylinder known as the cigarette. Note, smoking is an addictive habit. The reason why it is addictive is that the substances involved are addictive. For instance, tobacco is very addictive, and users can quickly become dependent on the substance. In this post, we discuss the types of smoking.

Types of Smoking

The kinds of smoking can be categorized depending on the substance and the mode of administration.

Types of smoking depending on the mode of administration

  • Cigarettes- Cigarettes are the most widely recognized method for expending tobacco, particularly among youngsters. A youngster begins by attempting a cigarette and afterward winds up dependent on nicotine, which is then difficult to surrender. There are a few sorts of cigarettes that differ in terms of size, yet they all damage similarly. Consistently, we see tobacco organizations attempting to think of something new to draw in more individuals to surrender to the dependence while they make billions of dollars in benefits. There are separate cigarettes and others with low degrees of nicotine.
  • Shisha- There are a few sorts of shisha that differ from each other in terms of size and flavor. For example, there is this type known as “mouassal,” but its molasses tobacco. Secondly, “jrak” is made from the addition of rotten fruits to tobacco, thus making it sweeter. This time of shisha contains tobacco and specials sorts of natural products like apricot.
  • Cigars- this type closely resembles a regular cigarette with the exception that it is larger in diameter and more prolonged. Cigars contain more concentration of tobacco than the other types.
  • Pipes– this type of smoking is done using tubes. People like to argue that pipes are less detrimental as compared to regular cigarettes. However, this is far from the truth.

Other types of smoking include

  • Passive smoking- this type of smoking is also known as secondary smoking. It happens when you are exposed to someone who partakes in the habit and ends up inhaling the smoke that they pass out. This mode of smoking is as harmful as the natural form of smoking.
  • Regular smoking- this is a type of smoking where one inhales the smoke directly from the cigarette, pipe, or other devices.

Devices that are used to smoke include;

  • Cigarettes
  • Pipes- there are three types of pipes used to smoke. They include the chillum, which is a small, straight, and portable pipe, and a dry hand pipe with is the most conventional. A bubbler is also a type of smoking pipe that used water to diffuse the smoke.
  • Bongs
  • Cigars


Regardless of the type of smoking, you partake in or the device that you use to smoke, the side effects of the vice remain the same. Keep in mind that passive smokers are in as much danger as direct smokers.

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