Various Types of Lipstick Finishes

by Sofia

All lipstick lovers must understand the lipstick finishes like satin finish lipstick because the color that is seen in the tube, in most cases, is not what appears on your lips. Some product packaging may be deceiving, and a bit of background knowledge is needed. Remember, your lips attract the most attention when communicating with someone. Keeping them good-looking and hydrated is critical as they say so much about you even if you don’t speak. In this write-up, we discuss the types of lipstick finishes available in the market.

Types of Lipstick Finishes

There are different types of lipsticks, and each kind has a distinct finish to it. They include;

1. Matte

This lipstick finishing type is popular among many. It comes in statement colors; hence, it has a bold finish that is opaque and completely covers your lips. It’s long-lasting; whether you eat or drink, it barely comes off. This finish has no shine; hence it doesn’t appear very interesting, and its moisture content is minimal. However, it is tricky to pull off a matte look as the lipstick is dry and may cause uneven patches.

2. Satin

The satin finish lipstick can be said to be a hybrid of matte and glossy finish. It gives off bold matte colors, and the advantage is that it has a bit of sheen. The sheen is essential because it prevents the dragging of the lipstick during application and fine lines. This finish has a high wax content, which ensures your lips stay hydrated. If you have dry or flaky lips, the satin finish is ideal for you.

3. Frosted

Frosted lipsticks were a big deal in the 90s and early 2000s. The current lipsticks like the matte never existed, and this type was the go-to finish. They are slowly coming back into the market and bring out a retro vibe. They are mainly applied on other finishes like satin or matte, and your lips may appear icy due to the pearly shimmer.

The shimmers cause your lips to dry quickly, and it’s advisable to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick. The frosted lipstick finish should be used in small amounts as the shimmer remains on the lips even after the color has faded off.

4. Sheer

The finish is easy to wear but requires a couple of coats for it to last long. Its pigmentation level is low and gives a wash of color that is simple and convenient for an everyday look. During the early morning and you’re running late, this is the best finish to put on as it requires little to no maintenance and still looks good.

5. Metallic

The metallic lipstick finish, also known as glitter, is way bolder than matte. It has rich pigmentation with a creamy formula and a very minimal shimmer of gold, silver, and bronze, which reflect too much light. If you apply too much of it, your lips look like liquid metal, and it takes a lot of courage to walk out wearing this metallic finish. Its creamy consistency makes it easy to apply to the lips.


It’s good to have knowledge of lipstick finishes and understand how they can be used effectively. This helps identify your preferences and not spend money on lipsticks that would not be ideal for you.

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