What is Custom Canvas Wall Art?

by Sofia

Custom canvas wall art is now a common way to decorate homes these days. They are an affordable way to turn any picture you want into a work of art.

It could be that one piece that could make your home more homey or more “you.”

What is custom canvas wall art?

If this is your first time encountering a custom canvas wall art, you may be wondering how it is possible to turn a picture into wall art.

These pictures are not painstakingly painted by an artist (although you can hire one to do it, but the project can get incredibly expensive sometimes).

The custom canvas wall art is actually an image printed on canvas using inkjet printers or a machine with similar technology. Once the image is printed, the canvas is stretched across the frame and over the edges.

You can choose if you get a custom canvas wall art with frameless borders or with borders.

What is the best canvas?

The type of canvas you use can affect the overall look of your custom canvas wall art.

Canvas can be made out of different products such as linen, cotton, and PVC. Before, the canvas used to be made out of hemp.

Today, the most popular materials for custom canvas wall art are made out of cotton or polyester.

For instance, canvas made out of cotton fibers gives the art a washed-out look since the color seeps easily into the cloth.

If it is crucial for you that the color must be retained, your best bet is to use a canvas made out of polyester since its texture makes the print more visually appealing.

What makes canvas better than paper?

Printing on canvas is better because canvas lasts longer. The material itself can last a couple of years without the colors fading right away.

In fact, a canvas print that is high quality and is well taken care of is estimated to last a hundred years.

The best thing about having your image on canvas is that lighting will not affect it. Canvas prints will not cause any reflection or glare from lighting. You see the image as is in any angle, all the time.

For examples of high-quality custom canvas wall art, you can check out https://icustompainting.com/collections/custom-canvas-paintings Here you will find different prints that are available in different sizes. It could give you an idea of presenting the image that you want to turn into an art piece.

Getting a custom canvas wall art for your home

If you think your house lacks something to make it homier, you should consider getting custom canvas wall art. You can choose images of yourself, you and your loved one, your family, your friends, and even your pet.

You can even have a drawing or sketch you made digitized and have it printed on canvas. Another popular option is to print out graphics of quotes, a book cover, movie poster, abstract designs, and even famous paintings.

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to custom canvas wall art.

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