How to Style a waist Pack

by Sofia

If you think a waist pack is outdated, then you should have a rethink. Fanny packs are great accessories that seemed to have lost its value and popularity but is coming back with a bang. They are very practical and comfortable fashion accessories that can be worn any day and at any time. Some people know waist packs as fanny packs.

The great part about a fanny pack is that it’s functional on different occasions. You can use a waist pack for swimming, going for a jog or short run, going on errands, attending an informal hangout or event, picking a few things at the grocery store, or simply chilling with family and friends.

The wonders you can perform with a fanny pack is endless.

Now, if you don’t know how to style a fanny pack, here are fun ways to do so and feel comfortable while at it.

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Best ways to use a waist pack

1. The classic style

What is the classic and most popular fanny pack style? Where do most people often place it?

If your answer is on the waist, then you’re correct!

The classic style never goes out of fashion, contrary to what people believe. It can be worn for various informal occasions. It’s a great style because it keeps your hands free, and the bag is in a place you can see.

However, what most people don’t know is that the waist style can be inverted in various ways. The first popular style is setting the bag at the top of the waist. It gives you a bold and confident look, and help the fanny pack stand out. You could also push it to your belly button if you want.

The second style is similar to the first, except that you pass the strap through the belt hoop of your trousers. This is extremely stylish and fashionable, and also secures the bag in a proper position.

The final style is the opposite of the first and second style. What do you think it is?

Exactly. Switching the bag to the back. It’s not only stylish and funky, but you also give people, who are used to the conventional way of fanny pack styling, a bit of surprise.

2. Sitting across your shoulder

This is also known as the cross body style. It can be seen as a trendy look since everyone is used to waist packs. They are comfortable, spreads the tiny weight evenly around the body, and since it’s so close to you, your personal belongings are within reach.

How fun is that?

3. Place it over your clothes

Who said a waist pack must be on… the waist?

Another fun and stylish way to use a waist pack is to use it as a sort of belt. When you wear a top, you place and adjust the strap in such a way that the bag sits across your top like a belt, not on your waist or belly button.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Getting a waist pack should definitely be on your checklist.

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