Factors To Consider When Going For Custom jewellery

by Sofia

Personalised jewellery includes all forms of jewellery that have been custom-designed and crafted for a single individual as opposed to production for general sale. A majority of customized jewellery is handcrafted by an artisan or metalsmith who consults the client several times to ensure the piece satisfies all the client’s expectations and needs.

In addition to this, many jewelers receive commissions for the custom pieces. Those who do not take commissions engage in referral businesses to the ones who do. In the jewellery world, any piece can be ordered on commission, especially wedding and gift pieces. Rings custom-made for weddings and engagements are a unique symbol of partnership and love and provide particular ways of expression for couples. Let’s focus on what you should know before purchasing personalised jewellery.

Advantages of personalised jewellery

  • Personalised jewellery often has unique value, while also maximizing profit for the jeweler. The cost is derived from the individual crafting, which provides the client with exactly what they want and nothing more or less. In essence, the value of personalised jewellery depends entirely on the range of materials used to craft the pieces, and the materials can be handpicked to control the price range of the pieces.
  • Personalised jewellery is appealing since it provides the client with a chance to be involved in the creation of pieces that they will cherish due to what they stand for. To further enhance the appeal of custom-crafted pieces, jewelers work one on one with clients to create unique pieces that leave the clients satisfied and in love with the final product.  
  • You are assured of the uniqueness of your personalised jewellery especially for wedding and engagement rings. Every woman desires a daily reminder of the couple’s unique love and strong bond, and this is where custom jewellery comes in handy. In the end, custom jewelry becomes a treasured story to be shared.

What you should know before purchasing personalised jewellery

  • Before requesting a jeweler to start work on your piece, it is best to find out how much experience the jeweler has (the minimum should be 15 years of custom jewellery design).
  • Ask if the jeweler does all the custom designs themselves or if they subcontract the work to other more qualified jewelers, which can eliminate the intimacy of working directly with a professional to get your piece done.
  • Reviews and testimonials from other clients who have had custom jewellery pieces designed by the jeweler are essential because they give you a hint of the quality of service you can expect.
  • The number of years the business has been in operation should be an indicator of their skill and confidence in the area of personalised jewellery design.
  • It is also essential to determine if there are any pending complaints against the custom jewellery maker by checking their records with various bureaus. In addition to this, you should find out how the jeweler solves issues to do with client complaints.


As long as one is alive, jewellery is an integral part of life, ranging from the engagement ring on one’s finger to the sentimental necklace passed down from one’s mother. However, nothing can compare to the emotional and sentimental value offered by personalised jewellery, a thoughtful gesture to a loved one.

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