5 Innovative uses of African wax fabric

by Sofia
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African wax fabric is a versatile piece of fashion clothing that has gained popularity all over the world.

This work of art fabric involves printed art designs onto the clothing with the use of melted wax and application of dye to give it color. Its traditional design makes it stand out, not only as a piece of clothing but also for stylish and artistic purposes.

Here are a few creative ways of using African wax fabric, especially from the scrap fabrics.

  • Artistic Wall Art Portraits

Since African wax fabric is a more Afrocentric clothing design, rich in numerous colors and designs, they can be quite ideal as decorative pieces of wall art.

For instance, you can make lovely portraits from the fabric by cutting a square-sized fabric and framing it. Sounds fantastic, right? Since the materials come in unique designs, you can create several wall art portraits for your house or office.

  • Home Made Bag or Purse

Simple bags and purses can be made from spare African wax fabric. You can take scraps of the material and double them up together at specific points and sewing them up. With the current advocacy on plastic usage, fabric made bags can come in handy. The bags can vary from small to big, depending on your needs. You can make a little coin purse to a large shopping bag.

  • Curtains and Tablecloth

Re-inventing the look of your living space with African wax fabric can be an innovative way to give your home life. Because the wax fabric has different patterns and designs, you can use it to make tablecloths and curtains for your home. It will make your home unique instead of using ordinary curtains and tablecloths.

Choosing the right patterns and colors will give your living space a more vibrant and abstract feel. Other pieces you can make the fabrics include kitchen wipes and small doormats.

With the multiple print patterns, you will not miss creating a colorful and magical living space. For durability, select fabric that is made from 100% cotton.

  • Pillow Casings and Beddings

Are you tired of your standard bed or couch pillow casings and need something refreshing and out of the world? Well, try making the casings using the African wax fabric. Ideally, the wax fabric is relatively soft to the touch, since it is made from 100% cotton making is appropriate for making pillowcases.

Moreover, you can use the fabric to make yourself some beautiful bedding that you can use to cover yourself on a cold night while watching TV.

  • Home Made Jewelry

The interesting thing about African wax fabric is that it is versatile, allowing you to make even the smallest of things you can imagine. You can make simple Jewelry from necklaces, headbands to bracelets using the fabrics. Since the patterns are unique, you can have a collection of different homemade Jewelry and, this will save you a lot of cash that you would have otherwise spent on expensive Jewelry.

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