Eyebrows by Shavata in Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols

by Sofia

Marlene Dietrich, Brooke Shields and the current champion Cara Delevingne have made us sit up and take up notice of their brows – and set brow trends which have lasted for generations.

And someone who has has helped legions of people on their own path to the perfect brow is brow guru Shavata.

She has been gently moulding and fashioning brows for the past 20 years working with a whole host of celebrities. And her eponymous brand now has counters around the UK, including one in Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols. And like many of its customers post treatment, the counter has just had a facelift. Still on making up part of the beauty hall on the store’s ground floor, the Shavata counter is now bigger and more luxurious than ever before.

I caught up with Shavata herself on a recent visit to the new counter. And asked her about all this brow related including whose brows she particularly admires. She said,

“You wouldn’t go to an art gallery and say, that’s a lovely frame so i believe the same applies to eye brows. They are meant to frame the face but not dominate it.  Catherine Zeta Jones is someone who has great brows. They suit her face, don’t overwhelm it yet on their own their stunning.”

I’ve tended to keep my own brows relatively thick  in shape but following a consultation with expert Shavata, we opted to go for a thinner shape. After all if you’re going to change your brows, who better to do it.  LOVE my new brows so thanks Shavata.

The Shavata counter is on the ground floor of Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols

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