Why Corner Spa Baths are A Favorite for Small Home Owners

by Sofia

Want a new bathtub but you think you do not have enough space to get an upgrade on the old one? You better get yourself a corner spa bath! This type of bathtubs is an excellent upgrade for those who want a spa-like experience in the tub but have a small bathroom space or have a weird bathroom layout.

What is a corner bathtub?

The corner bathtub is a tub wherein you get to anchor two sides to the wall. They usually come in a triangular shape but they also come in other shapes that can fit into a corner. Most corner bathtubs are large enough to accommodate one to two people at one time despite its smaller size. This type of bathtub is not just for young couples who love to soak and relax together but can be for those who have trouble bathing alone such as young children and the elderly – it can be clearly used by everyone in your family no matter what generation they belong in.

Why it’s the perfect fit for your small bathroom

Corner spa baths are designed to be triangular and sometimes rounder in shape, which allows them to fit into corners and other areas that would have been inaccessible with a regular bathtub. Although they come in a wide range of sizes, their smaller units are smaller than regular bathtub sizes. But just because they are smaller than usual does not mean that you compromise on the functionalities of a regular-sized bathtub. They actually come with spa-features that can turn your bathroom into a haven. You will be able to find corner spa bath units that can double as a Jacuzzi or a hot tub. Now, you do not only get more space in your bathroom but you get more chances to relax in your own home.

Benefits of getting a corner spa bath

  • Space saver – The primary benefit of getting a corner spa bath is the space that you get to save. Its ability to fit in corners offers you a wider bathroom which can make your small bathroom more spacious. You can also fill up your new bathroom space with another bathroom upgrade like a bathroom vanity unit.
  • More bathing space – As mentioned earlier, corner bathtubs are designed to fit two people. If you are able to afford to get the bigger models, you can have three to four people in it as well. The bigger space allows you to assist younger kids and the elderly during bath time easily compared to bathing them in a regular tub.
  • Aesthetic – Not everybody gets a corner spa bath so yours will definitely stand out when visitors come over. Aside from giving your bathroom a unique look, it also enhances the whole vibe of your bathroom making it aesthetically pleasing and giving it a more glamorous appeal.

General corner spa bath dimensions

Just to give you an initial idea whether this type of bathtub can fit in your bathroom, here are the common dimensions most units have:

  • 1 to 2 bathers = Average length of 48 inches, the average width of 48 inches, and the average height between 19 and 20 inches.
  • 3 to 4 bathers = Average length of 72 inches, the average width of 72 inches, and an average height of between 19 and 20 inches

So, if you want a bathroom upgrade but you do not have space, a corner spa bath can help you reach your goal!

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