Using Stickers for Awareness

by Sofia

Quite a number of companies have turned to personalized stickers printing (know more) for promoting their business. This might seem a bit foolish considering the fact that technology is changing the face of business promotion. Regardless of social media promotional methods, direct business stickers play a major role in creating awareness for businesses.

We will discuss why you should make use of a promotional sticker for business in this post.

The importance of personalized stickers printing for a business

You are probably wondering why we are talking about personalized stickers printing at this age. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t be surprised. Yes, Facebook and Instagram have gradually become the new faces of business promotion.

There is no doubting the effectiveness of social media in business advertising. However, the place of direct business stickers cannot be overemphasized. Research has proven that stickers are just as effective, if not more, than social media methods.

Firstly, the number of impressions you will get from a promotional sticker for business is quite huge. In fact, when you compare this with many other promotion methods, it is quite shocking. Promotional stickers make more impressions than radio ads and billboards in most parts of the world.

The number of impressions made and the durability of these personalized stickers printing make them a perfect investment. When you invest in this awareness approach, you are bound to enjoy huge returns on your investment.

They are not costly to invest in especially when you order them on wholesale. Stickers are cheaper to produce than billboards or television commercials. Yet they produce about the same, if not more conversions.

Obviously, we have underrated the effects of stickers on brand awareness and promotion. Many business owners are beginning to realize this which has contributed to a new wave of sticker production.


Using personalized stickers printing to boost awareness 

Having gained a reasonable understanding of the importance of stickers, there’s one more question to ask. As effective as we say these stickers are, if you don’t use them rightly, they will yield terrible results.

The question is this, how can you use promotional stickers printing efficiently? We will discuss a few methods in this section of this post. 

Marry them to social media

As much as we would love to keep talking about personalized stickers printing, one thing remains evident. Social media has a major role to play in publicizing any business. Since we already know what effects social media has on our businesses, why not take advantage?

Stickers are very effective in brand awareness, yet they could be more potent. How? Marry them with social media and the effects could be explosive. 

All you need to do is add your business social media details to your stickers when designing. This will imply that every person that sees your stickers knows about your accounts. They can now follow you online for more details and regular updates.

This makes growing your reach organically very easy. With your updates, you are able to endear your business to the hearts of your followers. 

Heard about QR codes? If you have these on your stickers, you could drive people straight to your social media accounts. All they need to do is scan the QR code and they are redirected to your page or website. Can you see how much of a weapon direct business stickers are? 

a Sticker

Publicize new products

It can be very difficult trying to introduce a new product or service to the market. Some of these products take months to even become known and still many don’t make any impact.

This information makes us know that a lot of intentionalities must be infused into introducing a new product. What another way to be intentional than by using a promotional sticker for business?

Make a sticker carrying the image and details of your new product and print them using a very attractive design. After doing this you can now share these stickers with your customers. 

You can decide on giving the stickers to customers who purchase the new product. On the other hand, they may be given to general customers. The aim is that they become walking publicity stands and prospects can see them and get attracted.

It will be surprising that these personalized stickers printing will light up the market with information about your new product. Anywhere your customers go with the stickers, they share the message of the new products. It is that simple. 


Sneak into a new space with personalized stickers printing

One way to break new ground and attract attention to your business is through personalized stickers printing. If you are subtle with your approach, you can sneak into a new space and into the hearts of prospects.

Many people refer to this mode as guerilla marketing. It is marketing in stealth mode and requires some tact. Simply print a new set of direct business stickers and put all your business details on them.

If you are having a new sale or an upcoming event, make some stickers too. You can place the stickers anywhere you please, as long as it is not against the law. 

We advise that you place the stickers in areas where there is high human traffic. This will ensure that so many people see your stickers. When making your stickers, ensure that you make use of removable adhesive. This is important so you don’t cause damage to surfaces when they are removed.


Bumper stickers

You must have seen cars with their bumpers decorated with interesting and funny stickers. This is another amazing way of using stickers. You can have a promotional sticker for business placed on your car bumper.

They will last very long and since you are driving to a lot of places, they will continue to make impressions. Now imagine you share these direct business stickers to other customers to use for their bumpers. The returns will be huge so enjoy the free business marketing.


There are so many ways other ways you can use personalized stickers printing. You have to be creative with your methods and be open to new possibilities. The possibilities with that promotional sticker for business are endless. And if you want stickers, know more from Zigpac

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