Tips to Use When Customizing a letterman jacket

by Sofia

In most instances, a custom letterman jacket is usually provided by the institute, i.e., the college or school. However, if you want one, you can order from the nearby sports store that has a design matching your school requirements. Also, you can get one from the school in the department of athletics. Getting one from the nearby store is better because you get to check the quality and color that suit your preference. Maybe you are wondering what a letterman jacket is and what is its purpose?

Well, a letterman jacket is usually worn by students of a given school to symbolize their pride, the school, and the awards won from athletics, schoolwork, or any other activity related to the school’s progress.

Nowadays, students have the freedom to design these jackets to fit their style and the trend. However, many vendors now prefer to customize these letterman jackets to fit the desires of the customers. But most high school graduates love to customize their jackets to put in all the achievements. But then, when you order such a jacket from the vendors, it is a bit cheap compared to designing it yourself.

If you want to make an order, there are many online websites that offer these services. You only need to compare the prices and the quality before settling on your final vendor. Before you place the order, recheck the details to ensure you have included every single detail you want to be fitted on the jacket.

Best Tips to Consider when customizing a letterman jacket

The Size and Quality

The customization details include numbers and letters you got in school. So, the numbers and letters should have an appropriate size to fit in your jacket well. Again, the material of the jacket matters a lot, especially when you put on the patches and embroidery.

Be creative

When designing your letterman jacket, don’t be too ordinary. There are many creative designs you can select and fit on the jacket perfectly. If your own creativity fails you, be sure to check the internet, you will not miss the best design.

Know where to place the patches

Another perfect way to ensure your letterman jacket stands out is ensuring your letters and numbers stand out in a way they are visible by locating them at a perfect spot.

Use a good font size and type

The font type and the size play a crucial role in ensuring your letterman jacket stands out. Play around with the design, color, and border to make the patches stand out as the best ever.

Consider Uniformity

Since you will have your batchmates, chances are you will want to wear these jackets, especially when meeting. It could be a perfect idea if you all had the same design. So, discuss with others and settle on a particular design, then order in bulk.

Note: Since these jackets are effective, especially during reunions, store them appropriately so that you can use them for years without fading.


Letterman jackets are a perfect way to identify a student. The design, the color, the materials used, and other elements are significant in ensuring your jacket stands out as the best ever. If you have been wondering how to begin planning for your letterman jacket, here are the best ideas to use.

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