Playhouse for girls: an excellent element for developing children’s skills

by Sofia

Parents who have enough space at home, either a garden, or a terrace, are surely considering buying a playhouse for girls. Little girls love to play with it because they have their own house, so this would be a very good option for them to entertain and even learn.

For little girls to have their own playhouse is an opportunity to free their imagination, play hide and seek and have their own space. So it can be a great benefit for them as entertainment and for parents as an opportunity to have a few hours off while they play.

Children tend to imitate what adults do, and for some reason they find all the tasks that their parents do fascinating, such as housework. This is very common in girls, so a playhouse for girls can be a very useful element for their development and a safe setting for them to play adult roles at home.

Benefits of playhouses for girls

Both girls, as well as boys, can find many developmental advantages in their growth and imagination, so here we name some of them.

Develops their imagination and creativity

Playhouses for both girls and boys encourage imagination and creativity in them. This type of toys allow children to develop their imagination significantly, so it is a great opportunity to create stories by themselves and even with their friends and expand their vocabulary in terms of objects, furniture, household chores and more.

Improves their motor skills and physical activity

Since it is a toy house for girls, they tend to move around in them and it stimulates them to do various physical activities such as jumping, bending, walking or running, as a way to improve gross motor skills.

However, it also helps them improve fine motor skills, as they usually have to use certain replicas of toy kitchen utensils, fit objects together, and assemble and disassemble pieces.

They learn responsibility and habits

One of the reasons why toy houses for girls are so popular among them is because they have the possibility to simulate the tasks and roles of adults at home. With this in mind, it is a great way for them to learn responsibility and know what it means to have a habit and routine.

This can be very beneficial in the future, since once they get older, they will have a better awareness of what it means to run a household, take care of it, clean it and maintain it.

Helps improve their social skills

A playhouse for girls usually comes in sizes that fit several children, the possibility of playing with them in that space, makes their socialization levels increase and they can also be part of a shared learning process.

In addition, it is a good opportunity to develop their interaction and teamwork skills, among others.

Before buying a playhouse for girls, it is necessary to know in which space it will be installed. In the market it is possible to find plastic, wooden and disassembled toy houses. Many of them are specially designed for outdoor spaces and others for playing inside the house.

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