Pros of UFO vs. Linear high bay lights

by Sofia

In the market, there are different high bay lighting options. So, when you want to choose an ideal high bay lighting for a large room, you must ensure you pick the right product. Remember, high bay lights operate from a high end, and they are supposed to emit the light and illuminate the whole space appropriately while giving your space a trendy look. This means that you will have to choose between linear bay lights and round bay lights. Are you wondering what all this implies? Well, see details below.

Understanding UFO- Round bay lights

These types of high bay lights are installing the HID high bay. The installation process of UFO bay lights is easy, and they last longer while providing high performance. Besides, if you are a trendy person, these lights offer a wide color and temperature range for safety purposes and good lighting. These lights are commonly used in commercial spaces, rental spaces, construction areas, warehouses, and different industries.

What are the pros of UFO high bay lights?

UFO by lights come in different angles, and you can choose any depending on the size you prefer and the overall use. The following are the top advantages you will get from UFO high bay lights.

They last long

Apart from the advantage that UFO lights are easy to install, they look incredible and can last continuously for 50,0000 hours. This is a perfect move to help you save money and maintenance costs.

A small size for effective performance

These UFO lights are small in size, and they produce bright lights at the same time. The small size makes it possible to fix them anywhere.

Highly efficient

UFO lights have about 170 lumens for every watt. This implies that these lights have efficient properties that enhance the overall performance. They also emit light in different beams; hence there is no light redirection.

Understanding Linear High Bay Lights

We have now analyzed the UFO bay lights. Now, let us explore what linear bay lights entail. These type of lights fits best where T8 or the traditional fluorescent T5HO are installed. They are best, especially when you need to do a replacement. Although they require designed fixtures, they are cost-effective while using less energy. Apart from industrial applications, these lights are also effective in airports, schools, and recreation centers.

What are the advantages of Linear high bay lights?

Perfect distribution of light

If you want high bay lights that will cover a wide area, then go for linear high bay lights. They emit the light in rectangular beams, making it possible to light a large space.

More application areas

Since these types of high bay lights produce light that covers a wide area, they are effective for many applications, be they warehouses or commercial spaces. The installation process is also easy, and the maintenance costs are manageable.


The linear high bay lights not only are durable and have good light distribution, but they also have lower temperatures, which means they will save more energy.


Having compared the two types of high bay lights, which one will you consider? Well, both are perfect for different purposes. You only need to know your purpose before buying one.

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